Rocky Handsome Review: The action rocks with some heart to boot


Movie Review: Rocky Handsome (2016)

Director: Nishikant Kamat

Genre: Action

Language: Hindi

Cast: John Abraham, Nishikant Kamat, Diya Chalwad, Sharad Kelkar, Teddy Maurya, with Nathalia Kaur, and Shruti Haasan in guest appearances.

Writer: Ritesh Shah

Rating: 3.4/5 stars

Biff…! Bang…! Boom…!…goes John Abraham for the most part of Rocky Handsome, and in the course of all the mayhem on screen, he sets our pulses racing and heartbeats thumping. This has got to be one of the slickest action movies, with some of the best fight scenes ever made in Bollywood. It’s evident that the filmmakers have taken every ounce of effort to make the action scenes realistically deadly and brutally intimidating, which ultimately play a huge part in getting the tone and intensity of the film right.

However, the action isn’t the sole contributing factor to getting that tone and intensity spot-on for most of the movie. Rocky Handsome is an out-an-out action film no doubt, but it’s one of those rare action spectacles that don’t feel the necessity to shred their emotions to show their strength. In other words, the action is mixed with plenty of heart to set it apart from just another routine punches-and-kicks movie solely meant to satiate action junkies. There’s something for everyone, and those looking for a sensible plot with strong characterization won’t be disappointed. John’s arc flows along nicely and his transformations and backstory do justice to his role.


If it wasn’t for the songs that stick out like a sore thumb and end up distracting the story at crucial junctures, I’d have given the movie an even higher rating. And, to our dismay, these sore thumbs are one too many to be ignored and they detract quite a bit from the actual story. Also, John’s flashback scenes with his deceased wife (Shruti Haasan) are overcooked and don’t evoke the same pathos as his equation with Naomi.

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Images Courtesy: J.A. Entertainment, Azure Entertainment, and C.J. Entertainment


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