M Cream Review: – Sex, Drugs, but Not Much Rock N Roll


Movie Review: M Cream (2016)

Director: Agneya Singh

Genre: Drama

Languages: English/Hindi

Cast: Imaad Shah, Ira Dubey, Raaghav Chanana, Auritra Ghosh, with Beatrice Ordeix, and Barry John as Vishnu Das

Writer: Agneya Singh

Rating: 1.5/5 stars

It’s bemusing to see how Director-writer Agneya Singh hit all the right notes with his characterization, yet keeps missing the mark with his story arc and narrative flow. The biggest problem with M Cream lies in the indecisiveness of what he wants to show. What begins as a road-trip to find a famed-magical hash in a mystical land whose very existence remains a mystery, keeps making detours to political grievances, activism, rural issues faced by villagers, and stanza after stanza of life lessons being imparted through endless preaching.

For a movie about being cool and hip and trippy, M Cream is way too preachy. Everything from the Tibetan crusade to deforestation to Gandhism is touched upon without anything reaching any sort or real purpose. It’s like the kind of reactions you’d expect if you’d try and have a logical discussion with an actual stoner – lots of half-baked replies and topics cut short because of the other party zoning off. If that was the aim of this film, then it certainly scores a home run. But, a movie, unlike a stoner’s life, needs proper direction and purpose, even if it’s based on stoners and hash.


At the end of it all, M Cream scores points for its characters, performances, Mingjue Hu’s cinematography (Dharamsala and its neighboring areas seldom looked this beautiful), and novel concept. However, for a film that touches upon a unique premise, it just comes across as an idea that’s trying to break free from mainstream clutches rather than actually standing out. It’s neither a fun film like Pineapple Express or The Big Lebowski nor does it make pertinent statements like Udta Punjab or Hare Rama Hare Krishna. M Cream just makes a lot of noise without actually saying much.

Image Sources: Agniputra Films

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