About Me

1526890_454345661366006_1435904240_n      Hi, I’m Russel D’Silva from Bombay (Mumbai), India. I am a writer and editor working in a content marketing firm. I write and edit for many different products and sales related blogs for Indian and foreign clients, on their websites. But, my inherent urge has always been to write about movies, as watching and studying movies has always been my passion. So, I formed this blog as an outlet to express all my bustling cinematic emotions after my daily monotonous work routine. At times, I apply my creative writing juices towards other endeavors such as short stories and poetry. By the grace of God, I’ve also sustained my craziness until now to being work on my first novel. I’ve even had the good fortune to work on some short films in the acting and writing departments, during my spare time. My other hobbies include cricket, tennis, reading novels, exercising, and kickboxing.


Feel free to contact me with your feedback and suggestions at russel.ddk@gmail.com

I’m also open to taking up writing and editing assignments for clients or collaborating with others on creative efforts pertaining to movies, reviews, novels, short stories, poetry, and other similar endeavors.

27 responses to “About Me

  1. I’ve nominated you for the Lighthouse Award. You can find the guidelines on this page:

    If you accept awards, please accept this with my gratitude…if not, I get it. They are lovely, but take a long time and it’s way, way, way too difficult to only thank a few people since so many wonderful people support us on our journeys. No worries. Thank you either way. Donna


  2. If I’d gotten around to it I could have not done 2 posts, sigh. Anyway, as much as I appreciate the awards I think these I’m working on will be my last.
    I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Award. If you accept awards, please accept this with my sincerest regards, if not, no worries, just know that your support and blog is appreciated. While delightful, these awards do take a lot of time.

    Thanks. Donna


  3. Hi Russel, Thanks for stopping by and following my blog…!! I just visited your blog… It has lot of interesting stuff, I enjoyed reading all the post…. I am following this blog now.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the appreciation and encouragement. Hope you keep visiting. I’ll regularly endeavor to post interesting stuff.

      I found your blog to be of really high quality. I’m sure that I’ll keep revisiting it.

      Liked by 1 person

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