A Humble Endeavor to Serenade You through the Joys of Cinema

41684[1]A warm welcome to my blog. My name is Russel D’Silva and I am a writer and editor working in a content marketing firm. I write and edit for many different products and sales related blogs for Indian and foreign clients, on their websites. But, my inherent urge has always been to write about movies – whether it is to analyze them; review them; discuss their merits and flaws; comment on their creative and technical aspects; compile lists; exalt my favorite films, actors, and directors; view my opinions on classic films and new releases alike, or quite simply talk incessantly about everything pertaining to cinema. So, I formed this blog as an outlet to express all my bustling cinematic emotions after my daily monotonous work routine.

Since as far back as I can recollect, I’ve been habitually watching movies across myriad genres, languages, and ages. My passion for cinema does not end here itself, as I’ve also been intensely studying and reading about varied aspects of film-making, the efforts behind the makings of many classic films, and the visionary perspectives of many supremely talented directors, scriptwriters, and other film personnel. In my zest for cinema, I’ve also had the good fortune to work on some short films in the acting and writing departments, during my spare time.

It is my endeavor, through my moderate experience and expertise, to bring you all the latest news in cinema, help you get a better understanding of the movies being released, predict their box-office collections, review them objectively, and also provide you adequate insight into many antiquated and modern classics. In addition to the aforementioned content, this blog shall also feature some interactive lists containing sufficient knowledge about many great actors and directors of a bygone era, plus lists of the best performers and auteurs operating currently, along with some talented artists to look forward to in the coming years.

I’d sincerely appreciated all kinds of debates and discussions you’ll would like to partake in. Feel completely free to fill the comments sections or mail me in overdrive. Feedback of all kind,whether constructive, affirmative, critical, or even caustic, is most welcome, and I shall genuinely make an effort to reply back to everybody. Also, feel free to bombard me with any queries regarding movies, which you’ll might have. If it is within my knowledge and capacity, I shall definitely try and clear any doubts or provide you with any kind of information you’ll might be seeking.

At the end of the day, this blog is aimed at being an information supplying and discussion board for all those who are keenly or even remotely interested in cinema. Hope that you grace this blog with your presence soon again.

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