Tributes to the Bona-Fide Legends of Cinema

images      Undoubtedly one of the greatest movie-stars to ever grace the silver screen. Of course you won’t mention acting and Arnold in the same breath, but when it came to pure star appeal, critics were made swallow their words time and again. For the man had the raw intensity and macho charisma to keep drawing thrill-seeking audiences – men and women alike – to the theaters for almost two decades. Discerning cinema viewers like myself will always be inclined to quality cinema that embodies an equal measure of entertainment and realism. But the hardcore action movie fan in me will also never pass-up an opportunity to revel in Arnold mayhem. And make no mistake, the man did do his fair share of high quality films, which were vastly entertaining to boot. Movies like the the first three “Terminator” films, “Predator”, “True Lies”, “Red Heat“, “Commando”, and “Eraser” can match up to any number of Oscar or Cannes winning films any-day. Eat your hearts out you snobbish prudes, but the man is the epitome of a true-blue movie-star, who will forever remain etched in the psyche of movie goers, the world over. I call on all action movie buffs, to hail Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger and pray that this humble giant “will be back” with at least one major action blockbuster, before he hangs up his boots for the last time.


Robin-Hood-Errol-Flynn-002      Legendary actor Errol Flynn was indubitably one of the biggest moviestars of his time and the king of swashbuckling, buccaneering roles. Before there was the endearing piracy of the marvelous Johnny Depp, before there was the daredevilry of the great Harrison Ford, there was Errol Flynn who did all this with an equal amount of style and aplomb way back in the 1930s & 1940s. This cinematic icon simply melted the hearts of the ladies and made every man envious of his charm. He was arguably the most handsome, dashing, suave, and charismatic gentleman to ever grace the silver screen – and that’s saying a lot considering the scores of macho male stars who have entertained us down the ages. His charm and style was so intoxicating that at times it overshadowed his more than competent acting credentials. You left us too soon Mr. Flynn, but you shall forever live in our hearts through the embodiment of your iconic roles in your myriad classic and unforgettable films.


DOCTOR NO      One of the greatest moviestars to ever grace the silver screen, one of the best actors to ever be captured on film, one of the most dashing men to walk the face of this earth, and undeniably the greatest actor to embody the iconic role of “James Bond”. Too bad that you have ceased donning new and exciting characters Sir, because I sincerely believe that even at your age, with your acting credentials, macho persona, and seamless talent for action, you can give many of those chocolate heroes a serious run for their money.


Martin-Scorsese-001      Director Martin Scorsese is without a vestige of doubt, one of cinema’s greatest auteurs. His regular influx of classic celluloid gems have entertained, inspired, provoked, calmed, jolted, questioned, understood, captured, enamored, and fueled our hearts, senses, and persona for almost four decades. With nothing more left to achieve or create for assured immortality in the annals of cinema, the only thing this legendary Director can do now, is to continue enthralling us in the same way for many more years to come.


Bridges      All hail “The Dude”! Who else could I be referring to but the inimitable, indomitable, and legendary Jeff Bridges (64). His iconic movies (The Big Lebowski, True Grit, Iron Man, Starman, Arlington Road, Crazy Heart, among others) and clinical performances have entertained and inspired millions for decades. Hope he never slows down and at least keeps delivering one great film every year.

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